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Do you have problems with your air conditioning system? Is your cooling system not working as usual?

If so, you can count on our professional HVAC specialists at Alamo Heating & Cooling for accurate diagnosis and fast repair service at a reasonable price.

Our trained technicians can fix all kinds of problems on all AC makes and models.

The Benefits Of Having A Well-Maintained HVAC System

Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair

If you notice the signs listed below, immediately call our team because your HVAC system likely needs repair.

  • AC is not turning on – It does not necessarily mean you need to make an air conditioner purchase. The cause might be fixable like electrical issues.

  • AC blowing warm air – Blowing warm air is a job of heating systems. If air conditioning units blow air that isn’t conditioned, it’s time to call the pros.

  • Thermostat not working – You can count on our techs to get your thermostat back up and running. Or recommend a better one.

  • Poor airflow – It can be due to a clogged filter. A filter caked with dirt can also cause issues like poor indoor comfort.

  • AC is making odd noises – Air conditioning systems, specifically older models, are naturally loud. But if the sound the unit is making is something new and weird, you have to call in the pros before it’s too late.

Most of the time, this problem can be prevented with regular maintenance.

  • AC emitting strange odors – Does the air coming out of the vents smell odd? Get it checked by pros. It’s an indication of a nasty problem within the unit. It also affects your indoor air quality.

  • AC leaking water. It’s important to get it checked because it can be an indication of other problems like frozen coils.

Generally, if you think your air conditioner system isn’t working as usual, it won’t hurt to call in licensed technicians for professional air conditioning repair.

If you want to avoid all these issues, save money on repair, minimize the risk for premature replacement, or keep the unit efficient, schedule routine maintenance.

Why Call Our Licensed & Experienced Technicians To Handle Your Air Conditioner Repair and Installation Needs?

There’s a reason why professional AC repair tech in Vacaville, CA exist. It’s to provide you with the following:

Speed, Convenience & Safety

There’s no need to wait several hours and even days to get your malfunctioning AC fixed.

Our technicians are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to diagnose the problem properly and perform air conditioning repair quickly and safely.

Top-Notch Result

With our technicians, you can be sure the repair was done right. You can have peace of mind knowing the same problem won’t come back.

In addition, our techs will do everything to get your unit back up and running, so there’s no need to invest in a new system, especially if the existing unit is pretty new.

System Protection

Air conditioning units, particularly those installed in commercial properties, tend to be a massive financial investment.

By hiring a professional technician, you’re protecting your expensive equipment from further damages.

Our technicians only use best practices to keep your equipment working in peak performance and efficiency.

Warranty Protection

Some AC manufacturers require their customers to hire professionals to deal with any AC trouble. So by hiring our experts, you can keep your warranty valid.

HVAC Problems? Contact Our Team For AC Repair or Installation Solution That Lasts!

Alamo Heating & Cooling is your local, trusted HVAC company. We offer residential and commercial AC repair.

We also offer other residential and commercial HVAC services, such as preventative maintenance and installation.

When you contact our team for an AC repair service or installation in Vacaville, CA, our technicians will inspect your system as well as the duct work first to identify the issue and provide an estimate.

Our professional team can fix all kinds of heating and air conditioning problems. So contact us at 707-689-8559 as soon as you notice the first sign of AC or commercial heating issue.

Schedule your appointment with us to get a FREE  estimate!

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