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Your furnace has a pre-set lifespan. So, if your furnace has been in service for more than 15 years, then it might be time to replace it with a new and more efficient model. At Alamo Heating & Cooling, we provide premiere and top-notch furnace installation Esparto CA.

Top-Notch Furnace Installation In Esparto, CA

Work with No Less than the Experts in Furnace Installation!

As one of the industry leaders in furnace installation, our team of experts is adept with all types, models, and sizes of furnaces so we can definitely match the best furnace for your home. We want you to stay comfortable and warm all-year-round. Your comfort is non-negotiable to us.

Here’s what you can expect from our team of HVAC experts:

  • Transparent and affordable pricing
  • Professional and licensed HVAC technicians
  • Impeccable work ethics
  • Superior work quality
  • Honest and reliable advice
  • Friendly and responsive customer service
  • Clean and detailed work (we leave no mess)

What are the Common Furnace Problems?

Majority of furnace breakdowns happen due to normal wear and tear. Any equipment can deteriorate or slow down over time. This happens even to the best and most expensive furnace you can find.

So, if your furnace is more than 20 years in service then breakdowns are expected. Routine maintenance schedules should definitely be followed to extend the life span of your furnace and avoid unnecessary and expensive repairs.

Here are a couple of common problems that most furnaces encounter:

  • Clogged and/or dirty filters
  • Mechanical deterioration
  • Defective thermostat
  • Gas leaks

When is It Time for Furnace Replacement?

If you’re home isn’t warm enough then check on your furnace immediately. It’s the most common sign of a defective furnace but there are others too which aren’t so obvious but can wreak havoc to your heating system and would need furnace installation in Esparto, CA.

Here are a few of the most common indicators that you need a new furnace:

  • Sudden increase in energy bills
  • Frequent need for repairs
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Strange and disturbing sounds when heater is turned on
  • Foul smell

Most of the time, the above issues can be fixed by a simple repair. However, to be absolutely sure, it’s recommended to get in touch with us at Alamo Heating & Cooling to make the proper inspection and diagnosis about your heater.

What to Expect from Alamo Heating & Cooling?

When you decide to work with us at Alamo Heating & Cooling, you’ll know you’re tied with the best in the industry that has high regard for customer satisfaction. We care about our customers – everything else is secondary.

Once you call to schedule for furnace installation, our experienced and reliable HVAC technicians will be there at your home to inspect your heater thoroughly so as to figure out what went wrong with your furnace and if it needs repairs or replacement. The main goal is for us to save your heating system but we are also after providing you cost-effective options such as moving on to a new furnace.

If your furnace needs a replacement, we will help and guide you in choosing the best furnace make and model that matches your heating requirements and budget. We will also ensure that you choose a furnace that is right for your space.

Ready for a New Furnace?

If you’re ready to get a new furnace, then we’ll take care of it. At Alamo Heating & Cooling, our main thrust is to provide our customers cost-effective options right for their home and heating needs. Contact us now at 707-926-3559 for immediate furnace installation in Esparto, CA.

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