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Many homeowners presume that AC maintenance isn’t necessary especially if they also clean and change filters. However, the most important aspect of AC maintenance in Esparto, CA is the tune-up or inspection of your air conditioning unit.

At Alamo Heating & Cooling, we are very meticulous and precise with how we do AC maintenance for our clients. There are many moving parts in air conditioner maintenance and only our trained and licensed team of AC technicians can perform them with safety in mind.

We do perform inspection, assessment, and tests of your cooling system to determine if everything working perfectly or it needs some repair.

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Common AC Issues that Need Maintenance

Through AC inspection, small issues are identified earlier to prevent bigger and more expensive problems.

  • Dirty and Clogged Systems: Most service calls are due to overworked and dirty air conditioning systems badly need of tune-ups and cleaning. If your air vents or filters are clogged with dirt and debris then your indoor air quality and cooling level is affected.
  • Damage due to Pest Infestation: When pests come in contact with your air conditioning systems and bite or mess up with wirings then power surges are inevitable. This can be dangerous and you would need to call on immediate AC maintenance or repair for this problem.
  • Weather Impact: The temperature or weather can affect your AC. At times, they work extra harder to produce cool air especially in long summer months.
  • Aging : The age of your AC can definitely take a toll on its performance and energy-efficiency. The normal wear and tear as your air conditioner ages will surely have an impact on its cooling capacity. So, if your air conditioning system is more than 15 years then it might exhibit some degradation in cooling efficiency over time.

What Comprises AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups

AC maintenance Esparto CA is more than just cleaning services. It also comprises checking of the following air conditioning parts to have a big picture of the general condition of the air conditioner:

  • Thermostat
  • Furnace
  • Blower and its parts
  • Mechanical and electrical connections
  • Evaporator coils
  • Condenser
  • Condensate drain
  • Refrigerant

Importance of AC Maintenance

Having a good working and reliable AC is a result of consistently showing up for yearly maintenance and tune-ups. When you take care of your AC, it also takes care of you and your family. That’s how it works. Breakdowns may happen every now and then but you can prevent the small issues from blowing out of proportion with routine maintenance.

With an HVAC maintenance plan, you also buy yourself peace of mind with a guarantee that you’ll have a high-performing air conditioning system. We rid you of stress of having to worry about your AC stopping in the middle of a hot summer day.

Reliable 24/7 AC Maintenance

If you’re looking for the best and reputable AC maintenance company in the area then you’ve marked the spot. We provide a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan for our customers to ensure that you have a functional AC when summer hits.

For AC maintenance Esparto CA needs, it’s time to go to a trusted name in the industry like Alamo Heating & Cooling. Contact us now at 707-926-3559 to schedule for your AC maintenance plan!

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